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As a choreographer I am is interested in the creation of work that revolves around collaboration and focuses on social issues like gender and sexual identity, censorship, violence, and the like as subject matter. By involving the dancers in the development of the choreography, I create dances that incorporate multiple viewpoints and thus enriches the work. In order to further develop the ideas of the work I also enjoy incorporating multimedia into the pieces I create. Video projection, poetry, photography, and other types of visual art are all utilized to further the concepts that I address in my choreography by adding deeper meaning. 


As a performer my goal is to always maintain my personal integrity within every work I dance. I find my own personal experiences heavily influence how I present myself on stage, and in doing this I try to bring a humanity to everything I am I asked to do. When performing I want the audience to find connection and accessibility within the movement as they observe what I am presenting. 


Growing up in Murrieta, CA Maili Schlosser had the opportunity to train with and perform for choreographers like Renee Baldwin, Erin Babbs, Danielle Peig, Nick Lazzarini, George Ortiz Jr., and Terry Shulke. She currently holds a BFA in Performance and Choreography from California State University - Long Beach where she had the opportunity to perform pieces choreographed by Rebecca Bryant, Colleen Dunagan, Nate Hodges, Rebecca Lemme, and Andrew Vaca. Professionally Schlosser has performed for several choreographers in MixMatch Dance Festival, Choreographer’s Carnival, Ontario Art Walks, and most recently in the Brockus Studiso Residency Shift/West. As a choreographer Maili has created works for Murrieta Dance Project, Svetlana’s Dance Academy, Palomar College, California State University - Long Beach, Mt. San Jacinto College, RAW Artists Orange County, DEMOblank, and Ontario Art Walks. She also had the pleasure of presenting work at the ACDA - Baja Region Conference during Spring of 2018. She has perviously worked as a dance artist with The Assembly, CalliOpus Contemporary Dance, TyserDance, and is a current company member of Re:borN Dance Interactive


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